You need to stop depriving your horse or horses of one of the greatest source of minerals, i.e. Himalayan salt licks.

These natural salt licks are far superior that any loose and pre-formed salt blocks you will come across. Many other types of salt undergo man-made refining before they get to the packing stage, and this is not only detrimental to human healthy but also to your horse. This kind of salt is:

1. 100% natural

Himalayan licks are 100 % natural with no chemical process involved thereby supplying the body with the natural energy in its crystal and the body can hold this energy for not less than 24 hours. Nothing is added, nothing is taken out.

2. Good source of minerals

Your horse needs at least 1 to 5 ounce of salt in a day to help meet their requirements for chlorine and sodium and with most types of salts there are chances that it will either be deprived or may take in excess. Natural salt licks are made of the same substance as the salt lamps we find on the market today. But the difference between this salt lamps and Himalayan salt licks is, when taken internally it has more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements that will provide your horse with whatever they need for optimum health.

Horse Licking Salt Lick

3. Prevent disease

We all know that mineral deficiency can cause disease in animals whether it be dogs, horses, chickens and pretty any domestic animal. The best way to eliminate this deficiency for your horse is by giving them a salt lick. Himalayan is one among the few types of salt is said to harmonize the acid balance in the body helping it against skin diseases and other diseases that can attack your horse.

4. Rock solid

Himalayan salt licks literally rock solid, which means your horse won’t press it and eat too much salt. There are very few chances that your horse will take too much, but if the block is not too hard the horse can gobble it up, eating 30 pounds in just a day. This might not have a lot of effect on your horse, other than excess water intake, frequently urination and loose stool. Assuming this happens without your knowledge, and your horse lacks enough water, it would be logic to conclude that this will have an impact on your horse health.

5. Weather resistant

Himalayans salt licks are weather resistant, meaning you can leave one outside in the field for horse to self-dose, without worrying that the block will melt or break. It is, however, important to keep them a little dry or in a comfortable temperature since they can become less inviting if they are too cold or too hot. It would be more than important to pick one that is pre-drilled and has an attached rope for easy hanging on your horse’s stall.

These natural salt licks are the most favored to all equestrian worldwide, so perfect for all animals, large or small. But as an equestrian, it’s important that you pick one that is ethically sourced from an accredited supplier.